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Barge Services

Barge Services by Green Mountain Marine Services

Specialized Barge Solutions for Water-Based Projects

Versatile and Reliable Barge Services

Green Mountain Marine Services offers comprehensive barge services, tailored to meet the unique needs of water-based projects. Whether it’s for construction, transportation, or specialized marine operations, our barge services are designed to provide efficient and reliable solutions.

Explore Our Barge Service Capabilities

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We have barges to facilitate materials supply on waterfront projects and to be used as work platforms for in water projects such as water line installs and mooring installs.

Barge Services
Barge Services Green Mountain Marine 6

Our Range of Barge Services

Diverse Applications for Various Projects

  • Material Transportation: Efficiently moving materials to and from inaccessible locations.
  • Heavy Equipment Transport: Capable of carrying large, heavy machinery safely over water.
  • Marine Construction Support: Providing essential support for construction projects on or near water.
  • Environmental Projects: Assisting in projects that focus on environmental restoration and conservation.
  • Specialized Marine Operations: Equipped to handle unique, water-based operational needs.