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Custom Docks and Waterfront Decks

Custom Docks and Waterfront Desks for Vermont and Upstate New York

Green Mountain Marine Services specializes in custom floating docks, concrete piers, and breakwaters in Vermont and upstate New York. Contact us for expert dock solutions!

Expert Custom Dock and Waterfront Deck Solutions

At Green Mountain Marine Services, we are fully equipped to provide custom dock solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients in Vermont and upstate New York. Our expertise in custom floating docks and concrete piers/breakwaters sets us apart as a leader in marine services.

Custom Floating Docks and Concrete Piers

Green Mountain Marine Services collaborates with top dock suppliers and also offers in-house custom dock construction. Our ability to tailor solutions ensures that you get exactly what you envision for your waterfront.

The Region’s Leading Concrete Pier Experts

Recognized as the leading experts in concrete piers in the region, we serve the Lake Champlain waterfront with unparalleled proficiency. Our services encompass pier demolition, construction, and repair, handling each project with meticulous attention to detail.

Custom Docks and Waterfront Decks
Custom Docks and Waterfront Decks 1

Accessibility to Challenging Locations

One of our standout capabilities is accessing lakefront areas where most contractors can’t reach. This ability allows us to provide services in the most challenging locations, ensuring that your waterfront needs are met no matter the circumstances.

Commercial Dock Installation and Repair

In addition to our residential dock services, we also specialize in the installation and repair of large commercial docks. Our team is equipped to handle commercial-scale projects, ensuring durability and functionality for all types of marine enterprises.

Contact Us for Your Custom Dock and Waterfront Deck Needs

Interested in creating a custom dock or need repair services for your existing structure? Contact Green Mountain Marine Services today! We’re here to discuss your project and provide expert solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let us transform your waterfront with our custom dock services.

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