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Waterfront and Erosion Control Services

Comprehensive Waterfront and Erosion Control Solutions

Protect and enhance your waterfront property with Green Mountain Marine Services. Offering expert erosion control, retaining walls, and boat ramp repairs for marine and lake environments.

Expert Solutions for Waterfront Stability and Beauty

Green Mountain Marine Services specializes in a range of services designed to protect, stabilize, and enhance waterfront properties. Our expertise encompasses everything from effective erosion control methods to the construction and repair of functional and aesthetically pleasing waterfront structures.

Tailored Erosion Control and Waterfront Improvement Services

Our team understands the unique challenges of marine and lake environments. We provide customized solutions to prevent erosion, stabilize banks, and enhance the usability and appearance of waterfront areas.

Waterfront and Erosion Control Services
Waterfront and Erosion Control Services

Our Services for Durable Waterfront Protection

  • Wood, Concrete, and Stone Retaining Walls: We construct retaining walls in a variety of materials to suit your aesthetic preferences and specific site needs. Our walls are designed to provide effective erosion control while enhancing the natural beauty of your waterfront.
  • Bank Stabilization: Using both soft and hard solutions, we stabilize banks to prevent soil erosion, protect property, and maintain the ecological balance of the waterfront.
  • Boat Ramp Repairs and Construction: Whether you need repairs to an existing boat ramp or a new construction, we ensure a safe, durable, and accessible solution for all your boating needs.